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Ginger Adeline

All About Adeline Glass Creations

Getting to know me ♪, getting to know all about me ♫.

I am principally a warm glass artist working primarily with frits, reactive glasses and enamels.
I cannot remember a time when I was not distracted by art! In first grade my father had to come and speak to my teacher because she felt I was unable to focus on the classwork. I was forever being caught daydreaming whilst lost in the artful representations of the alphabet which bordered the top of the classroom.
I did eventually begin focusing on schoolwork, and studied art in College and University. After which I turned to sharing my skills within my local community, teaching art and craft courses for the Spokane Art School as well as other art venues. I now work primarily in warm glass. I still don’t follow directions well and have to take things in my own direction. ‘What if I curve lines that should be straight, can I put this with that, what would the reactions be?’ ‘Texture, what if I add texture? How slow do I have to go to keep my piece tactile?’ I can’t stop asking those questions. I daydream about what will come out of the ever unpredictable kiln, ‘Will I love or hate it’! Sometimes the results are amazing, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, other times I say to myself, ‘That’s going back in!’. It’s the flow and reaction that really get me. Glass wants to be ¼” thick so it doesn’t matter what you want. If you put glass, un-margined by dams, in a kiln at a full fuse temperature it will find its way to ¼”. This means I can get some really awesome flow in the glass. Reactions in glass is another way warm glass captivates me. Some glasses contain chemicals and metals, and metals and chemicals will react with other metals and chemicals. So, you have copper bearing glass, sulphur/selenium bearing glass, lead bearing glass and glass which contains no reactive chemicals or metals. There are also the metals themselves like silver leaf, copper foil, old broken silver chain and a myriad of other forms of inclusion metals that can be used. If I know what will react with what, I can put them together for surprising results. It can be very unpredictable, how wonderful is that! But wait! There is more! In glass I have found I can transfer my love of so many styles of art. I can create abstracts, landscapes, indulge in watercolour or textiles. I use techniques I have learned from others and taken in my own direction and methods I have created on my own. I expect to always grow and learn in this medium. I am only limited by my own imagination and desire to learn.

I will also be adding a scheduling page where you will be able  to book on courses.

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